21 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

common people

During the last 5 years of my career I've been kicked out of sites around 5 times and I had to deal with thousands of connection and banking problems. Although it earns you lot more than the avarage salary you can make in any other job, you're far away than realizing your full potential when playing poker from Turkey.

I'm saying these cause I've just been banned from the site I was recently playing because I reside in Turkey. Now I think I have to go manage my playing time between Full Tilt and Microgaming but I feel I really lost my energy to focus playing. I no longer wish to train myself as I was doing before and I'm playing a careless, mechanized poker most of the time. I find myself complaining how tough today's games are and how unlucky I am all the time.

There is truth in when I say I'm unlucky and it is true in the world's current economic situation the games are tough but I've just seen the video interview of Patrick Antonius which seems he made it as an answer to my doubts about online poker. When times are hard you just need to train more and focus more, otherwise you will be one of the money suppliers to the poker economy.

I always said I never complained about dropping my stakes, although it hurts me now to admit that I feel uncomfortable at stakes like 2-4, I think I will drop my self down until nl 200 to grind full time until I gain my full confidence on Full Tilt and Micro. Then I believe I can make it up untill nl 2000 in a short period of time if the games allow.

http://www.pokertube.com/ChannelFilms.aspx?movie=13857&freetext=antonius is the link to the video which helped me to regain my lost belief in poker.

Good luck all,

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